About One Guy Garage auto parts, industrial and Farm Supply in Lethbridge Alberta Canada

One Guy Garage Auto Parts, Industrial, and Farm Supply - Our Story:

From a Chevy C10 Truck Restoration to a Thriving Auto Parts Business

The Beginning: A Chevy C10 Truck Restoration

Our journey began with the restoration of a Chevy C10 truck, originally purchased new by my father in 1980. The daily driver needed extensive work, including repairs to rusted cab corners and wheel wells, a frame repaint, and engine and transmission performance upgrades with a fuel injection conversion.

A Vision Emerges: Affordable AN Hoses and Fittings

The C10 truck that caused One Guy Garage auto parts to open in Lethbridge Alberta Canada

The truck restoration project led us to search for affordable, high-quality parts in Lethbridge and Calgary, Alberta. We noticed a significant price gap in AN performance hoses and fittings, leading to the creation of our Hot Rod Fuel Hose brand in 2017. We sourced manufacturers and made bulk purchases to offer affordable AN PTFE hoses and fittings, backed by a lifetime warranty, primarily to customers in the United States and Canada.

Hot Rod fuel hose products available at One Guy Garage in Lethbridge Alberta

Expanding the Catalog: One Guy Garage Auto Parts Store in Lethbridge Alberta

As Hot Rod Fuel Hose grew, customers requested a broader range of products. This inspired the creation of One Guy Garage, initially envisioned as a high-performance auto parts store. However, to provide exceptional service, we expanded our focus to include both aftermarket and performance products.

Building the Auto Parts Store in Lethbridge Albert Amid a Pandemic

In August 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we began constructing our 3000 sq/ft auto parts store in Lethbridge, Alberta. We joined IDL Distributors, a member of Best Buy Distributors, this partnership allows us to offer competitive pricing on a wide range of products and compete with the big guys in the industry like Napa, Bumper to Bumper, Greggs Distributors and more. 

Growing and Evolving: One Guy Garage Today

One Guy Garage store front In Lethbridge Alberta serving the auto parts, industrial, and ag customer

Approaching our first anniversary, we've expanded our showroom, doubled our storage and retail sales floor space, and added product categories catering to industrial and farm customers.

Our offerings now include hydraulic hoses, heavy-duty filters, trailer and towing equipment, pressure washers, safety equipment, heavy duty parts, performance parts and more.

Our e-commerce platform enables customers to purchase and look up auto parts online, with in-store pickup options. We've grown our team, provided additional support and training, and sponsored our parts technicians to become certified.

A Heartfelt Thanks to Lethbridge

We're incredibly grateful for the support of the Lethbridge Albertan community during our store's challenging beginnings. We look forward to providing exceptional service to customers across Canada in the future!

About Our Name: One Guy Garage

One Guy Garage auto parts, industrial, and farm supply trailer in front of the lethbridge alberta canada store

Though our name may suggest we provide service work, One Guy Garage is solely an auto and truck parts store. The name originated from the initial truck restoration project, where it was just one guy working in his garage—a scenario many of our customers can relate to.

Find Us at One Guy Garage Auto Parts, Industrial, and AG

Our retail store is OPEN at 3213 2 Ave N, Lethbridge, Alberta

Call us at 403-388-4350 or feel free to send us a text message.

We're open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

We also ship from multiple warehouse locations, including our storefront, for orders outside of Lethbridge.