About One Guy Garage auto parts in Lethbridge Alberta Canada

One Guy Garage Auto Parts in Lethbridge Alberta Canada

A simple project lead to big plans

One Guy Garage based in Lethbridge Alberta Canada came to fruition due to a simple idea of providing great knowledgeable service, affordable auto parts, performance parts, and truck parts to the home town of our sister company Hot Rod fuel hose.

The owner of both companies started building a chevy C10 pickup that had been passed down from his father. While working on this truck in Lethbridge Alberta it became apparent that affordable performance parts specifically performance fuel hose was tough to find locally. The idea was formed that we can source manufacturing and produce high quality hoses and fittings and offer them at a great price with knowledge to back up how fuel system installations should happen. The hose was tested, branding was decided, and the product put up on the web for sale. Hot rod fuel hose has been operating since 2017 in Lethbridge Alberta servicing customers all over the USA and Canada. 

Requests for different Auto Parts and Performance Parts led to more ideas.

As the customers for Hot Rod fuel hose started sharing referrals to other car guys the requests started to pile up for other auto parts and accessories. In support of this we started branching out to add partner manufacturers with some big names like Aeromotive fuel systems and Tanks Inc. These partnerships have allowed Hot Rod fuel hose to grow - and now in support of One Guy Garage offer an amazing selection of performance and auto parts to the Lethbridge community. 

Why call this auto parts business in Lethbridge AB One Guy Garage?

Most of the work on the old chevy pickup was done by the owner of the business in his own garage in Lethbridge. With the odd helping hand from a young son it felt fitting to call the business One Guy Garage not only as it relates to our own experience working in the "One Guy's Garage" we felt that many of our potential customers are working on projects and solving problems with their vehicle in their own personal shop space. 

What kind of products and service does One Guy Garage in Lethbridge Alberta offer?

One Guy Garage plans to offer Aftermarket factory replacement Auto Parts, Performance Auto parts, Truck and Truck accessories, as well as hydraulic hose cutting and crimping. 

One Guy Garage in Lethbridge will be stocking a large selection of undercar repair parts including Brake Pads & Rotors, Control Arms, CV Axles and boots, and suspension components. Shopping around give us a call and let us earn your business. 

We will be a direct Aeromotive, Tanks Inc, and Hot Rod fuel hose dealer as well as have access to all the major manufacturers of Performance auto parts. 

When will One Guy Garage be opening?

We have now opened at 3213 2 AVE N in Lethbridge Alberta. Our hours of operation are as follows. 

Monday through Friday 8AM to 5:30PM

Saturday: 8AM to 1PM

Sunday : Closed

We can be reached at 403-388-4350