Auto, Car, and Truck parts available in Lethbridge

What kind of automotive parts does One Guy Garage carry in Lethbridge?

Ignition Parts 

One Guy Garage - auto parts in Lethbridge Alberta has a wide selection of ignition parts to keep your car running at top performance.

These ignition parts include Spark Plugs, Ignition & Spark plug wires, Distributor caps, Distributor rotor, knock sensors, complete distributors both factory and performance, Ignition modules, aftermarket ignition control boxes, and more

Automotive, Heavy Duty, Truck, and performance filters

Choose One Guy Garage - auto parts in Lethbridge Alberta for all of your filter needs. We have a wide selection of filters from brands Baldwin, Fram, Quality automotive products, and Defence as well as performance filters from K&N and AEM. The type of filters available include but not limited too Air Filters, Cabin air filters, Fuel filters, Oil filters, Transmission filters, and PVC crankcase filters.

Cooling system parts, HVAC and Radiators

We have a wide selection of cooling system parts at One Guy Garage - auto parts including complete radiators both for OEM and Performance applications. We also have cooling system parts & accessories including Serpentine Belts and V Belts, Radiator and Cooling hoses, Thermostats, Cooling Fan assemblies, Fan Clutch, Radiator Caps, Water Pumps, Blower motors and blower resistors, and HVAC vehicle controls.  

Brake parts for Cars, Trucks, and heavy duty

One Guy Garage auto parts keeps a large selection of brake parts in our Lethbridge store. Including a wide selection of Brake rotors, Brake pads, Brake drums, Shoes, Calipers, Brake hardware, and Brake Lines. As an important safety aspect to your vehicle we want to help you keep it on the road. 

Drivetrain and drive axle parts

We carry a number of different drivetrain parts for Cars, trucks, and heavy duty including U-Joints (universal joints), CV Axles, Clutches and clutch assemblies, Flexplates, Flywheels, Transmission Parts, transmission rebuilt kits, complete driveshafts, Differential Parts including complete gear sets, gear oils, and gaskets. 


Engine Parts

At One Guy Garage auto parts we keep in stock a solid selection of engine parts including bearings, rebuild kits, pistons, cylinder heads, engine & cylinder head gaskets, crankshafts, camshafts, rocker arms, intake manifolds, oil pans, and more. 


Fluids & Chemicals for automotive, heavy duty and shop

The sales floor at One Guy Garage displays a wide selection of product to keep your shop full and your vehicle happy. This includes Engine Oil, Coolant, Gear oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, glues and tape, gasket maker and RTV, electrical cleaner, and so much more. 

Car, Truck, and heavy duty electrical systems

Choose One Guy Garage - auto parts for your vehicles electrical system needs. We have all the parts you need to have a high functioning electrical system this includes Car batteries, Starters, Alternators, Voltage regulators, Wiring harnesses, and more

Auto body repair parts & Accessories

One Guy Garage - auto parts has access too a number of different collision repair and auto body parts including Body panels & sheet metal, headlight and headlamp assemblies, trim pieces, auto carpet, taillamp and taillight assemblies, replacement mirrors, and more.  

What kind of Auto, car, and truck parts doesn't One Guy Garage - auto parts carry?

We pride ourselves on taking the extra time to try and track down even hard to find auto parts. If we can't get it that means the part is going to be hard too track down. We look forward to helping you get the part you need for your next vehicle repair & Service.